Is Your Nightclub At Full Capacity Every Night?

You Can't Get Today's Customers Using Yesterday's Methods!

Introducing Validate Membership Systems . . . The new marketing plan where everyone profits!

We specialize in adding new customers to your establishment with modern marketing techniques that give your customers an opportunity to earn money while promoting your club.

Looking to expand your customer base in your community ……..metroplex…?

Having difficulty finding new customers in a saturated market..?

VMS helps customers earn an income by paying them to market for you…. the more people they bring to your establishment….the more they will make….by using our system each person profits by bringing new customers to your business every time…

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  • You will no longer have slow nights.
  • Full club capacity means more people to buy.
  • More profit for your nightclub.
  • Imagine people earning money coming to your nightclub.
  • No more money spent on advertising.
  • Your customers advertise FOR YOU.
  • The more people they bring to your night club, the more money THEY make and YOU make.